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The Tabernacle as a symbolic picture of the universe, with Dr Alastair Roberts

November 10, 2021

Dr Alastair Roberts of the Theopolis Institute in the States explains the Tabernacle and its symbolism.

(0:38) What was the Tabernacle? (2:34) What was in the Tabernacle? (5:24) Significance of the furniture, (8:28) The cube of the Holy of Holies and how it relates to the city in Revelation, (10:05) The Tabernacle as a symbolic picture of the universe, (11:50) Significance of the numbers in the Tabernacle, (13:18) Why colour is so important in the Tabernacle, (14:42) The Tabernacle as a representation of things in God’s throne room in Ezekiel and Revelation, (17:50) Symbolism behind the High Priest’s garments, (24:20) Similarities between the High Priest and Tabernacle, (26:05) The role of the cherubim.

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