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About Ian Reid

November 4, 2021

Ian-Square-800px.jpgIan has a Bachelor of Commerce from Macquarie University in Sydney and a Bachelor of Divinity from Moore College in Sydney.  He has been in New Zealand working with university students for over 10 years and, while continuing that ministry, he is also now the pastor at King’s Grace Church and is an ordained minister in the Grace Presbyterian Church of New Zealand.

Ian is passionate about how the Gospel connects to every part of God’s story and how it then connects to us as God’s people.  He loves exploring how God’s story speaks to all the other stories we see and hear around us.

Ian is married to Erin and together they have 5 boys.  Ian enjoys open water swimming (and anything to do with the sea) but lives in the wrong part of New Zealand to do it very often.  He also enjoys getting away from everyone and spending time by himself on his small farm.

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