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Seven Days of Creation, with Dr Alastair Roberts

November 3, 2021

How the 7 days of creation structure the whole Bible.

Dr Alastair Roberts teaches at the Theopolis Institute in the States – www.theopolisinstitute.com

(0:48) What happens in each of the 7 days of creation, (4:00) A literal 7 days, (5:18) How creation relates to God’s throne room as depicted in Revelation 4, (7:38) How our sky reflects the description of God’s throne room in Revelation 4.  The Zodiac signs and cherubim faces, (10:12) The sun, moon and stars as images of rulers, (12:15) How the 7 days permeate and structure the whole Bible, (16:00) What Biblical Theology is, (18:33) The whole universe and Scripture extrapolated out from the 7 days.  The 7 day patterns and time, (20:35) The symbolism of the number 7 in Scripture, (27:53) How the 7 days structure the book of Daniel, (31:00) The 7 days in the New Testament and John’s gospel, (37:03) How the 7 days permeate the book of Revelation.  Jesus connected with 7, (36:37) Resources for biblical theology – James B. Jordan, ‘Through New Eyes’ and writings by Peter Leithart and Alastair Roberts.

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