God‘s Story Podcast

Forming Resilient Children, with Prof. Holly Catterton Allen

November 17, 2021

We find out how to raise resilient children and how we can draw children into God’s story.

Holly Catterton Allen’s book ‘Forming Resilient Children – the role of spiritual formation for healthy development’ is published by IVP America.

(1:50) How story can help children recover from trauma. (3:05) How reading and stories can form resilience. (7:05) Other ways we can build resilient children – telling children about difficult times in your past or in their past, ordinary stories of how God has worked in your life. How to be a capable parent and types of parenting. (13:10) Children today less resilient than in the past and anxiety. (15:49) How resilience is connected to spirituality. Can children talk about God?

(21:28) Spirituality and resilience. (22:52) How pandemic restrictions have impacted children (26:54) Why its important for children to mingle with family. (29:00) How grandparents model their faith to their grandchildren (32:40) Some good children’s books recommended.

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