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Daniel 9 - Alastair Roberts

August 24, 2022

Brent is joined by Alastair Roberts of the Theopolis Institute in the States for another in depth look at the book of Daniel.

Do all the prophecies described in the book of Daniel come to pass by AD 70?

  • (0:12) The events of chapter 9;
  • (1:38) How does the number 70 relate to the symbolism of 7 and the 7 days of creation;
  • (7:55) The 70 weeks of years;
  • (11:46) What do we date the 490 years from?
  • (17:07) The Lord Jesus puts an end to Temple sacrifice;
  • (20:00) The wing of detestables or detestable wing.

Links mentioned in this episode:
Alastair's Adversaria
Theopolis Institute

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