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Daniel 8 with Alastair Roberts

August 20, 2022

Who are the ram and goat and what is the apostasy that causes desolation?

Brent is joined by Alastair Roberts of the Theopolis Institute in the States to talk about Daniel 8.

  • (1:26) What happens in chapter 8;
  • (2:25) The significance of the location;
  • (3:10) The significance of the ram and goat;
  • (5:00) A connection with the sacrificial system?
  • (6:33) The little horn;
  • (9:52) The Continual;
  • (11:00) The 2300 evening-mornings;
  • (11:35) What’s the apostasy that causes desolation?
  • (13:55) Who does Daniel see?
  • (17:20) Why does the Lord Jesus appear over a river?
  • (19:00) Why does Daniel fall into a deep sleep?
  • (21:31) Premillenial dispensationalism.

Links mentioned in this episode:
Theopolis Institute
Alastair's Adversaria

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