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Alastair Roberts on Daniel 6

July 2, 2022

Are we troubled by lions in our life or work?

Brent is joined again by Dr Alastair Roberts of the Theopolis Institute in the States to discuss Daniel chapter 6. 

  • (0:40) Who was Darius the Mede?
  • (4:10) The Empire Statue;
  • (5:54) What happens in chapter 6.  An internal coup.
  • (8:00) Darius and the set-up;
  • (11:46) The importance of writing good laws.  Do we really control our laws?
  • (14:00) The symbolism of lions;
  • (14:52) More numbers – 70, 7 and 62;
  • (15:43) Darius’s men as lion like;
  • (16:00) Daniel’s chamber and the lion’s den;
  • (17:20) Darius and Daniel as new Adam’s;
  • (19:30) Another Passover event;
  • (20:41) Who is the angel?
  • (20:57) Daniel as a type of Christ;
  • (24:18) Daniel carries Darius through a kind of death and resurrection experience;
  • (25:30) Darius’s response to God;
  • (26:20) Preacher’s application?

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