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Alastair Roberts on Daniel 5

June 29, 2022

Brent speaks to Alastair Roberts of the Theopolis Institute in the States about Daniel chapter 5.

What is Belshazzar’s Feast? What is the writing on the wall and who does the writing?

We meet a lampstand ‘watcher tree’ and find out about the numbers 62, 3 and 4! 

  • (0:33) The conflict of Empires and Babel;
  • (1:49) Who was Belshazzar?
  • (3:00) The events of chapter 5;
  • ((5:50) Belshazzar’s attempt to rebuild the Babel project;
  • (7:20) A Babelic religious feast?
  • (11:00) God brings judgement on Belshazzar through the Temple vessels;
  • (11:35) The lampstand a ‘watcher tree’ that watches over Israel.  The almond tree in Scripture and connection with the High Priest;
  • (14:17) Belshazzar’s feast as a counterfeit table of the Lord;
  • (16:00) Is the Lord Jesus at Belshazzar’s feast?
  • (17:00) The riddle on the wall.

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