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Alastair Roberts on Daniel 4

May 14, 2022

Brent is joined again by Dr Alastair Roberts of the Theopolis Institute in the States to discuss Daniel 4.

What does Nebuchadnezzar learn about God in this chapter and a discussion of trees and tree imagery in Scripture. 

  • (0:21) What happens in chapter 4.  Another dream.
  • (2:00) Significant numbers in the chapter – 4 and 7;
  • (3:30) The law of the leprous person;
  • ((4:20) We find out who the true king really is;
  • (7:35) What Nebuchadnezzar learns about God in this chapter;
  • (8:50) The tree image and the biblical theology of trees;
  • (13:30) Nebuchadnezzar’s vision and Ezekiel 17;
  • (14:10) The great cosmic tree;
  • (18:20) The dew of heaven and baptism;
  • (19:20) Nebuchadnezzar’s hair;
  • (22:20) Nebuchadnezzar a new Adam who points to Jesus;
  • (23:58) How the tree points forward to the Kingdom of God;
  • (23:45) The Lord Jesus as the ultimate tree.   

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Alastairs Adversaria

Theopolis Institute

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