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Harriet Connor – Families in God’s Plan

May 7, 2022

Brent talks to Harriet Connor, the content editor of ‘Growing Faith’ in Sydney, Australia.

What does the Bible have to say about families and what’s a covenantal view of family life?

Harriet’s book ‘Families in God’s Plan’ is out from Youthworks Media, Sydney.

  • (0:50) Growing Faith magazine;
  • (2:35) Harriet’s biography and interest in languages;
  • (3:40) A biblical theology of the family;
  • (10:27) The Bible’s big picture of the family;
  • (12:42) How sin and the Fall affected families;
  • (14:29) Our children are ‘image bearers’;
  • (16:45) Different ideas of parenting;
  • (22:10) The role of the covenants in family life in Scripture;
  • (27:38) How we bring our children up to love Jesus.

Links mentioned in this episode:

Christian Parenting Tips, Advice, Articles & Resources - Growing Faith

Harriet Connor | Author of Big Picture Parents

Youthworks Media – Posts | Facebook


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